Catchup, Post NCFF Event, Needles in the Shop Again!

This summer was a crazy but good one. The kids went back to school before I really felt like I was ready and we had two extra weeks of summer vacation this time. Where did the time go?

My craft focus was developing one of the classes I’d planned for NCFF.

One of the big highlights of the summer was camping with my parents in Custer State Park (in South Dakota). Seriously one of the best places on earth. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Rainbow after heavy rainstorm at Stockade Lake
Mickelson Trail just outside of Custer, SD
View from observation tower Custer State Park
Night sky at our campsite – super clear that night. 
Sunflower field on I-90. We saw more of these then we’d ever seen before. Usually you just see corn and soybeans.

Sunday my daughter and I got back from North Country Fiber Fair (NCFF) and it was a blast! This was my first NCFF being on the board and wow – teaching, running the website, helping, demoing, and being one of the tech peeps kept me on my toes.

I taught Beginning Nalbinding again. Wish I could have taught two sessions. My students were awesome as always and very patient with themselves as they learned a new craft. For the first time, I was able to teach a lady with arthritic hands how to work flat and it seemed to help her. (Thank you Egon Hanson for your Us and Os or I would have never figured out to how to help her!)

The new class this time was my Karman Vortex scarf and it took us all 4 hours to get through the material. But the students should have some lovely scarves. I hope they’ll share a picture or two when they are done. (Crossing fingers for pictures.)

I wasn’t the only one teaching nalbinding this year. Wish I could have taken Judy Gobel’s all day nalbound sock class!

My daughter took 2 classes (Bengala dye and Saori weaving) and played with needle felting. So many people actually took a 10 year old’s crafting seriously. She was so excited that at night I had to give her a massage to calm her down. She has found her “tribe” and can’t wait to go back next year.

Oh! And my red  scarf won the Fall Colors craft along.

Nalbinding got quite a bit of recognition this year – between multiple teachers for classes, being in the fashion show and competitions, and even some of the vendors were nalbinders!

It seems like forever and a day since I’ve been able to list needles in the shop. I’m listing one or two each day as I get back into the swing of things. Needle making is slow – but at least it’s happening. (Hubby’s job was SOOOO busy for quite a while. Still busy but we’re getting a better balance now.)
I’ve also been working on the Karman Vortex Scarves and have one listed in the shop. Pattern will be listed in the shop soon. 
How have you all been and how was your summer? Have you been working on any interesting projects? I’d love to see them!

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