Von Karman Vortices Inspiration #1 + Green Camel Craft Retreat Report

This morning I finished my first project inspired by the beauty of the Von Karman vortices in nature. Who would have thought fluid dynamics could be so pretty! With the blues it made me think of river eddies so I present to you the Karman River Whirls Scarf.

Nalbound in Finnish 2+2 for a stable chain of Cascade Eco+ in Lake Chelan Heather colorway.

I hope to write up the pattern for this. I’ve not seen ANYTHING like it done in nalbinding yet and I’m just giddy about the possibility of having ‘invented’ something!


Background info for those who aren’t familiar with Von Karman Vortices: They’re swirls in a fluid when the fluid has to move around an object. When I worked at a satellite receiving station as a programmer for the Landsat 7 project, there were many images I saw that just blew me away. This was one of them – Von Karman vortices from the Juan Fernandez Islands sticking up into the clouds. I remember when this image made the front cover of ASPRS magazine in 1999.

Green Camel Report
Last weekend my daughter, one of my dear friends – Johanna, and I drove to the delightful little town of Tyler, MN and attended the Green Camel Gathering crafting weekend at the old Danebod Folk School. It was wonderful to catch up with so many of my fiber arts friends from around the area. Though, feel free to laugh – just three of us filled my SUV to capacity with the crafts we brought to work on.

I hosted a group indigo dye experiment on Saturday. (I can’t call it a class, it was just us having fun tossing stuff into the dye vat.) Sunday morning, I was able to take the “Reverse Knitting” class by my friend Miranda. Knitting left handed was doable. Perling – well I’m not sure I have my mind wrapped around that yet. Much chatting, spinning, and nalbinding were done. My daughter was able to try several new crafts including needle felting and kumihimo. Now, I think I have my daughter and Johanna hooked, and should be able to expect more Green Camel trips with them in the future. Yipee!

What’s your inspiration lately?

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