Amy Vander Vorste is an avid fiber arts fan dabbling in spinning, knitting, nalbinding, dyeing, and anything else fiber related that comes her way. She’s the owner of Shy Red Fox and has been teaching fiber arts classes since 2010.

She is interested in the Viking age and has done re-enactment of the period. After falling in love with Nalbinding in 2009, she wished to help to preserve the craft and began teaching it in 2012. Her Nalbinding classes share beginning and stitch techniques, how to make warm hats and mittens, and delicate scarves forming swirl shapes with a technique she invented. Amy loves pushing the craft to new limits, and aims to share the art form with others through her work and teaching.

Her signature nalbinding needles are each lovingly hand crafted and can be custom ordered.

With a strong love of color, she dyes her own yarns for her Etsy shop and her personal knitting and nalbinding projects. Hand dyeing gives an extra personal touch to projects that can’t be replicated in commercial yarns.