Green Camel 2017 Overview

My dear daughter and I are back from another wonderful weekend at Green Camel in Tyler, MN. Both of use enjoyed it immensely! We didn't want to leave early Sunday, but we had 2 skits to be in in our church's variety show that afternoon.   She was a needle felting maniac! Two dragons and a … Continue reading Green Camel 2017 Overview

Have you all been working on any personal projects? I’ve been spinning like mad this weekend with some hand dyed top. Need to give my hands and back a break now. The top is “The Gloaming” available in my shop, the bottom was tossed in with the “Blue Hour” yarn for the Facebook group A Spinner’s Study … Continue reading

Gradient Bulky Yarn Spinning

I did a gradient bulky test as prep for the November “A Spinner’s Study” Bulky challenge. It worked out in a way I liked, so here’s my notes if you’d like to try it too. This method involves plying from a center pull ball (because I hate yarn waste). How to spin a gradient yarn … Continue reading Gradient Bulky Yarn Spinning

Spinning and Circle Vest

Last month I joined the Facebook group “A Spinner’s Study”. Truly a lovely group (enough to make me think twice about my general dislike of Facebook.) They have monthly challenges and breed studies and one that I’m participating in for October is The Cormo breed study.Received my cormo top (from North Star Alpacas) this week. … Continue reading Spinning and Circle Vest

Handspun Socks – Take 1 – Yarn and Starting to Knit

I’ve wanted to spin for my handknit socks for a long time, but I just never tried it.  So it went into my 13Skills list. For my first attempt, I wanted fun to spin wools.A soft fine wool and a set of Moonrover batts were my choices.I’d spun the wool quite fine, and found these … Continue reading Handspun Socks – Take 1 – Yarn and Starting to Knit

Ending the Year with Fun: Spinning and Needle Making

Happy New Year to you all!  I hope that 2012 was a good year for you and that you made many wonderful projects!Spinning and needle making were the two projects that I did as the year came to a close.I finished the spinning for fractally spinning the scrumptious Frabjous Fibers Polwarth Top in the #250 … Continue reading Ending the Year with Fun: Spinning and Needle Making

Confessions – I went a “little” overboard…

I zipped over to the embroidery store here in town this morning. (We actually have an embroidery shop - I didn't think we were a big enough town to support one for very long.  But she's had the shop for 10 years now.  Yay!)  And scored wool embroidery thread on sale for $.50/skein.  The lady … Continue reading Confessions – I went a “little” overboard…