Nalbinding Projects since September

The last few months (since September) I’ve done quite a bit of nalbinding and finishing old projects. Finnish Stitch 3+3 pouch from Imperial Tracie Too sport weight yarn.  (My Ravelry project page for the pouch has general instructions for  making your own.)Finnish Stitch 3+3 mittens from handspun yarn - mixed batts from Moonrover and SD Natural … Continue reading Nalbinding Projects since September

Handspun Socks – Take 1 – Yarn and Starting to Knit

I’ve wanted to spin for my handknit socks for a long time, but I just never tried it.  So it went into my 13Skills list. For my first attempt, I wanted fun to spin wools.A soft fine wool and a set of Moonrover batts were my choices.I’d spun the wool quite fine, and found these … Continue reading Handspun Socks – Take 1 – Yarn and Starting to Knit