Just a quick heads up, I’m taking a short break from making nalbinding needles for my shop. (I’m setting up online vendor registration for NCFF, an event near and dear to my heart, and the setup is being kind of a bugger. But when we get this it will be glorious! *resisting the urge to … Continue reading

its-super-who-time: First nalbinding project finished. I like this! Probably gonna be playing with this for a while. Only problem will be it’s not a forgiving stitch because you are basically making knots so you can’t just unravel them and dropping and “stitch” is hard to pick back up because it becomes a smaller very tight … Continue reading

Shop Update – but WHOOSH they’re gone….

I’d intended to share news that needles were posted in the shop today. (And they were!) As fast as I could list them, they disappeared. I was completely flabbergasted! This has never happened before. Yes, all my needles sell - but usually with in a couple weeks. (I’m still in shock…)So I’ll share the pretty … Continue reading Shop Update – but WHOOSH they’re gone….