Podcast: Needles Knots and Wool #001

Episode 1 of the Needles, Knots & Wool Podcast – about nalbinding and other ancient crafts with a modern twist.

Today’s topics include:
* “Getting Loopy: A Gathering of Nalbinders”
* Getting Started in Nalbinding

Nalbinding pronunciation
* http://bit.ly/saynalbinding

Getting Loopy: A Gathering of Nalbinders (2016)
* http://bit.ly/gettingloopynalbinders

Teachers’ Sites:
* Janine Kosel and Sue Flanders http://bit.ly/janineandsuepatterns
* Donna Kallner http://www.donnakallnerfiberart.com/

* Neulakintaat http://www.en.neulakintaat.fi/
* Nalbinding: What in the World is That http://bit.ly/NalbindingWITWIT
*How to Nalbind: The Oslo and York Stitch http://bit.ly/howtoNalbindOsloYork

Challenges and Events
* Nålbinding : stitch-along sweater http://bit.ly/stitchalongsweater
* Colorwork Challenge in the Nalbinders on Ravelry http://bit.ly/colorworkNalbindersRav
* Small Projects Challenge http://bit.ly/ShyRedFoxFBEvents
* Sangerfest – Nordic Boutik on June 11th http://bit.ly/Sangerfest2016
* Midwest Viking Festival – June 24-25 in Moorhead, MN http://bit.ly/MWVikingFest

Tip Tuesday
* http://bit.ly/ShyRedFoxTipTues

Next Episode:
* An interview with: Maria Lind Heel

Where you can find me:
* Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/shyredfox
* Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ShyRedFox
* Tumblr (shop blog): http://theshyredfox.tumblr.com/
* Twitter: https://twitter.com/shyredfox
* Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shyredfox/


Music for this episode is Nova by Ahrix and used under a creative commons attribution license.http://bit.ly/AhrixNovaNCSsong
Follow Ahrix on:

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