Opening up the February custom order list. any requests? Here’s what I have in progress and in stock. Please note these will all be shinier and prettier after completion. Feel free to look at my shop sold items to see what these will turn out like.

In progress:
A – clear acrylic (will be see through)
B, D – yellow
C – purple/blue squares embedded
E – Chocolate
F – grey cammo
G- aluminum
F – brass
I, J, K – teak
L – recycled bamboo

Stock on Hand (top row acrylics, bottom is woods)
1 – grey cammo
2 – copper acrylic
3 – teal/purple sparkle
4 – orange/yellow
5 – purple/blue squares embedded
6 – purple/black swirls
7 – black and white swirls
8 – dark purple swirls
9 – blue satin
10 – man made stone
11 – green swirls
12 – ebonized mahogany
13 – red heart
14 – spalted hackberry (i have spalted ash too – forgot to put it in similar but darker)
15 – recycled bamboo
16 – bocote
17 – purple heart
18 – zebra wood

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