Nalbound Sweater Stitch Along + Notes on Working From the Bottom of Your Work

The last month flew by so fast, I kind of wonder where it went! TheNalbinding Stitch Along Sweater project sucked me in at the end of December and I have ok progress. My hope is to have it done before Green Camel Gathering in early March.

The collar is complete. I had to add an extra row from the shoulders and around the back of the neck so it didn’t sit too low on my neck. As I worked the shoulders I did most of my decreasing over the top of the shoulders. The collar I connected rows to the back of the row at the bottom of the stitch to get a rolled edge look. (I haven’t figured out a ribbing for nalbinding and I thought this would help make the edge look more complete.)

I found that just working a new Mammen stitch row on the bottom of your work has an unexpected effect.It opens holes in weird places. Here’s what was left after I pulled out what I’d done. Pulling the middle of the back of the stitches undid the weird holes thankfully. (I’m pretty sure adding another row on the bottom worked nicely for Oslo and Finnish 2+2 stitches. Is it because of the uneven pickup 1+2 in Mammen stitch that this didn’t turn out nice?)


So I debated what to do if I couldn’t just work a row from where I left off. Working the row from the inside turned out to be the ticket. It looks like the other rows now. Whew! I was worried! Thankfully the solution was simple!

What projects are you all working on? Ever tried connecting new rows to the bottom of your work?

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