Shop Update – but WHOOSH they’re gone….

I’d intended to share news that needles were posted in the shop today. (And they were!) As fast as I could list them, they disappeared. I was completely flabbergasted! This has never happened before. Yes, all my needles sell – but usually with in a couple weeks. (I’m still in shock…)

So I’ll share the pretty picture of the needles all going to a new home.

But never fear! Hubby and I have been working hard and we have more cut – they just need finishing. I’ll be working on shaping more as I can. But I won’t likely have listings until after the new year. If anyone is interested in reserving a needle let me know. I have another of most of the ones above (minus the antler and blue). But we’ll have other styles to post then too.

On the dumb side of things (feel free to laugh at my stupidity), I knew I should get some hand protection one of these days. (When one pokes oneself often while quickly sanding a needle – one would think one would be smart enough to get kevlar gloves, right?) Well, lets just say I got smart enough after drawing blood a few days ago. (No stitches, lots of disinfectant and I’m up to date on my tetanus shot!) Note the offending needle isn’t the one pictured. It was a brass one – those are so hard to sand!

But my spiffy new kevlar gloves arrived today, so I can continue working on metal needles.

So no dye updates. It’s been needles, needles, needles. After Christmas there will be time for more dye adventures.

I’m frantically trying to finish a few ornaments for gifts. Are you all finishing anything before the holidays?

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