Projects Nov 13, 2016

Oh my goodness it’s been a fun but busy week. The kiddos are prepping for an archery pin shoot – so they’ve had lots of practice time. I’m hoping to practice with them after the pin shoot. I’ve been trying to help my youngest. She just moved to 20 yards and is having a hard time getting anywhere near 150 points on a 10 ring target. Cross your fingers for her!

I’ve been trying to finish off my nalbound hat’ (3 stinking yards of yarn left to go). Will post when done.

Dyeing up new yarns and tracking the colorways so I can reproduce them.

Oh! And my weekend time suck – the family photobook. Finished that puppy and ordered copies for Christmas presents. Big project done – check!

I’m hoping to get a nalbinding t-shirt design posted this weekend. (This possible insanity project was inspired by a facebook thread in the nalbinding group that was giggling at this image. Uhm, that’s knitting not crochet… Oy vay.) 

What have you all been working on this week?

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