“One thing I have struggled with as I’ve been dyeing yarn with acid dyes is how to achieve a particular color I have in my head.” –quote from article by Cari. (image also copyright Cari from There’s a Thread. Isn’t that notebook awesome?)

As I’ve been dealing with making the same colors on my wools and yarns, I stumbled across this lovely article on keeping a dye notebook. Check out Cari’s lovely template and great advice!

Now I want to take out my colors and play with them in different combos, so I think I’m going to convert to a dye card box. 

Reblogging for my new shop blog. (It’s time to separate my personal art and inspiration blog from my shop stuff. A few things will overlap. Like this post.)

Update: I’ve started the dye box and the glorious color giddiness is addicting, but I’ll post more on this later. For now a peek at the box to whet your color and fiber appetite!

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