Study of Knotwork vs Stitches

As I was about to start working on the knotwork edging for “the vest that never ends”, it occurred to me to try the knot I wanted with a couple different stitches. I want the knotwork edge to be crisp and clear, yet only require a chain of stitches and the stitches quick and easy to create.

In my opinion, the Oslo stitch wasn’t as sturdy and didn’t provide as much definition for the single colored knot, even when I tried tightening up the stitches.

Oslo Stitch
Oslo Stitch tightened around needle

The Finnish stitches with 4 loops all had a crisper clearer knot that was easier to see. I think the Finnish 2+2 and Finnish 3+1 stitches gave the nicest effect. (Finnish 3+1 isn’t listed as an official stitch, that I can find. But it’s a logical variant of the Finnish stitches.)

Finnish 2+2 Stitch


Finnish 1+3 (Broden) Stitch


Finnish 3+1

So I chose Finnish 2+2 for my stitch and started off on the edging with gusto. I realized half way around the vest (which is a HUGE circle), that I was going to run out of blue yarn for the edge.  Blah! This edging style eats up yarn at an alarming rate! So I bought another skein of Cascade Eco+ Yarn (478 yards) of the Lake Chelan Heather blue and was lucky it’s the same dye lot. There will be quite a bit of the yarn left over.  What to do with that? Socks? Mini vest for my youngest? Hmm…

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