More Tinkering with Knotwork – Study in Which Knots Work Well with Nalbinding

Yesterday I found my Danish friend Maria is working with knotwork too for the Nalbinding Festival in Denmark. So there’s 3 of us now, that I know of.  Oh I wish I could go to the festival!  Maybe next year…
Last night I attempted 3 more knots as I work through my old knotwork book. Two of which were good.
The first one was my “fail” for the evening. But it was worth trying. I learned I’ll have to tack down the looser shapes like the “s” or “z” so they stay put. I won’t just be able to make a chain of stitches and make this knot. It will have to be more planned and after so many stitches I’ll have to attach it to the other chain of stitches. Otherwise, it won’t hold together well.
This knot was tricky to “tie”. But once completed and tightened, it was so pleasing. (I may have to make a photocopy of the knots I work on and highlight each strand in a different color. My eyes kept getting lost when tying this one.)

And this one really surprised me, I thought it wouldn’t work with the longer loops to the next knot. But when tightened it worked out well.

In project news, the “vest that never ends” might actually be nearing completion. It was very close last Sunday when I took it to coffee with friends. (No the vest did not get to drink coffee.  I suspect it wanted to though. It kept being difficult to work on, as if it was trying to tell me something.)
What in your projects and experiments has surprised you?


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