More Knotwork Experiments and Progress on “The Vest that Never Ends”

The nalbinding knotwork bug is still biting. Just after the cowl was finished, I dug out my trusty old (20+ years old) copy of Celtic Art: The Methods of Construction. I tried several different knots.  The ones with large gaps do not seem to work nicely with my attempts. But tight close together knots like the ones below seem to look good after they are created.

The second one is the one that caught my interest for a fashion scarf (too many holes to be a practical scarf) done in Finnish 2+2 stitch. With these knots I haven’t been counting stitches obsessively like I did with the pretzel knot cowl. I just work long chains of the yarns and make the knots. I’ll keep going with the knots (below) until I run out of green.  I suspect these knots could be done in rows and be a fabric by themselves.  But I don’t have enough green to test that theory. So I’ll edge it in blue to make the scarf a tad wider.

The circle vest I’ve been working on officially has been given the nickname “The Vest that Never Ends”. It’s taking quite a while to finish the project, but I also thought it fit because the colors spiral out from the center into what looks like infinity and they get lost in the stripe effect.

 Only 2-4 more inches?  Maybe there is an end after all…

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