Needle Geekery

Hubby and I wanted to work on needles for the shop last night. I must admit, we got a bit side tracked by the idea of new materials for needles.  We looked at acrylics and drooled over the pretty colors.  Of course, we got sucked in to ordering a few blanks to try for fun.  They won’t be traditional or good for re-enactment.  Sometimes though, it’s just fun to make and use something different and pretty.  I can’t wait to try the cappuccino one with the brown and white swirls!  It may be a while before they arrive, but we’ll post when we get needles made from them.

Then we tinkered with the idea of using circuit boards.  I was quite worried about the little metal wires and widgets on the sides of board catching on yarn.  After quite a bit of sanding, we were able to get it really smooth on the sides.  It tested quite well.  I’ll use this one for a while longer to make sure nothing comes off with wear.

History and geekery can now be one in nalbinding.

Update: There was a bit here on ROHS compliance.  Hubby remembered it’s not about human safety.  So we’ll be investigating.

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