Ending the Year with Fun: Spinning and Needle Making

Happy New Year to you all!  I hope that 2012 was a good year for you and that you made many wonderful projects!

Spinning and needle making were the two projects that I did as the year came to a close.

I finished the spinning for fractally spinning the scrumptious Frabjous Fibers Polwarth Top in the #250 Trapesze colorway, then plied it.

Yesterday I finished spinning this older batt from Moonrover.  It was a bit loud for me.  (And that’s saying something, since I usually like bright and bold.)

I found I had some coordinating chocolate brown alpaca.  When the two were plied together the effect was much more subtle and pleasing.

Hubby put some lovely nalbinding needles in my Christmas stocking.  (Since I’m always losing mine or they are with another project.)

And these pretties will be appearing in my shop soon.  (The bamboo one (bottom) is listed now.)  Working with my hubby, side by side on these is such a joy.  (I wish we didn’t have to get the new interior doors done too.  I’d rather help him with these.   But the doors are needed and were a gift of love from my father in law!)

My focus is changing this year.  I’m honing in more on what’s important to me and my family.  We were stretched far to thin this year.  I’ve already informed one of the groups that I volunteer for that I’ll be stepping down.  While I love to volunteer in my kids’ activities, I can’t do everything and keep every thing functioning that they like to do.  This last month has been a big soul searching month.  (And I LOATHE saying “no” and stepping down from things.)  But on the good side of this – I was told I’ll be able to teach for the group here in town that leads First Lego League.  One of the other incredibly cool things that happened was that my youngest said she would like to learn to spin.  You bet I’ll be there teaching her really soon!
In my craft focus, I want to teach more and to push my skills in nalbinding.  I’ve been teaching a few classes and love it.  Cross your fingers for me as I wait to hear back from Shepherd’s Harvest about my nalbinding class.  They will let us know soon if our class proposals were accepted.  
What will you be focusing on this year?
Here’s to an even better 2013 and to much blissful crafting!!!

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