Projects: Itty Bitty Little Nalbound Mittens

Several of my friends and I got together this last weekend to work on items for North Country Fiber Fair next year.  While Ruth and Meghan were more productive than I was, I still managed a few things to contribute –  mini mittens.  The first one would fit a baby or small toddler.

The next two might be a bit big on a Barbie doll.   But not by much.

I did these in Oslo stitch with sock yarn.  To make smaller stitches I dropped the thumb loop before pushing the needle through and pulled the needle yarn to tighten the stitch around the needle. (Like Sanna Mari Tofi does in her videos.)  My sharp antler needle was perfect for these dinky mitts.  The point on it helped separate the yarn loops quickly.

Can any one make smaller mittens?  I challenge you to try.  (I’m not showing you up – I’m pushing your talents!)


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