Confessions – I went a “little” overboard…

I zipped over to the embroidery store here in town this morning. (We actually have an embroidery shop – I didn’t think we were a big enough town to support one for very long.  But she’s had the shop for 10 years now.  Yay!)  And scored wool embroidery thread on sale for $.50/skein.  The lady as so nice and even brought out more colors for me to look through!  I went a little overboard, but I have most any color thread to play with for my tinkering with rosesaum.   I wonder how it will mix and match with my handspun embroidery thread…

(Perhaps I went a little over board.  My reasoning for getting so many is that you can’t order this kind anymore and she’s got it on clearance.)

The first skein of my handspun singles is complete for the mittens I want to nalbind and felt as a background for rosesaum embroidery.

So *hopefully* I’ll have a pretty set of mittens for this winter!

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