Back from North Country Fiber Fair!

Oh my GOODNESS, I had the best time I’ve ever had at NCFF!  I wasn’t sure I wanted to come home, even though I was dead tired after it was over.

I taught 2 Beginning Nalbinding classes and a Beginning Sashiko class. The students really made it a pleasure to be there teaching!  I was also able to take 2 classes – Photography for Fiber Artists and Long Draw Spinning.  Excellent classes. Thanks to the spinning class, I’m starting to spin thick lopi style singles.  Love it!

At the dinner on Saturday night I participated in the fashion show with my nalbound poncho.  We found that I make a terrible model.  Must ask someone more flamboyant to model for me next time.  But many people seemed to appreciate the poncho.

So many of my friends came up and we were able to hang out and catch up with each other and I made many new friends.  This event can only be compared to a fiber arts party and sleep over (
I could not do justice to the event with my pictures.  But here are a few to give to the feel of this incredible little fiber fair.

The delightful bunch from my first nalbinding class. I wish I would have had the brains to take pictures of each of my classes.  Though, Johanna rescued me and took a picture of me teaching.  (I just don’t have the picture yet.) 

Sweet little angora goat that was for sale.  He (and the white one behind him) found a home with one of the ladies in my spinning class.
Hidden Valley Farm – has the most wonderful coopworth and soysilk roving in blue called “Age of Aquarius”.  I’ve been spinning it up today in lopi style singles.

The delightful gentleman on the left owns Rich-nes Alpacas.  I buy roving from him every year. (I didn’t catch the name of the booth the of lady who was visiting with him.)

The booth my cohorts and I had.  Ruth and Meghan never let me get a serious picture.  Bless their hearts for letting me sell with them.  I was hardly ever at the booth.

Many vendors – I think we had more than 40 vendors this year.

These bunnies were so adorable!  I wanted to bring one home, but I can’t be a good bunny mom right now with how busy I am.  So I will remember these sweet babies with pictures.

Here’s the stash I brought home!  Enough to keep me spinning for a while, maybe…

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