Simple Garter Lacy Shawlette Pattern

Modifying a pattern to be a lace pattern was a push for me. I wanted my shawl to be neck down, but have the lace rows. Also I wanted to have a zen knitting or process knitting shawlette. I didn’t want to have to think much while I worked. I had enough to think through while I worked with many issues coming up in my life. (Good things, by the way.)

After several iterations at working through this, I can now present – the Simple Garter Lacy Shawlette. It’s a variant of the Simple Yet Effective Shawl by Laura Chau. And this variant has her blessing.

The variations are

  • I used a lace row.
  • It’s only knitted in garter stitch. (Because I don’t like purling.)
  • It’s meant to use a skein of sock yarn.
  • I add in stitch markers to it’s really a brainless knit, even with the lace row.
  • I don’t specify the bind off. I don’t see that a purl bind off would be of benefit here.

This pattern can be varied in size (depending on the amount of yarn you have) and in needle size. I used a single skein of sock yarn (Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock – 30 yards) for mine and size 6 needles). (Model is my youngest in elementary school. This is a good sized shawl for her.)

Starting Section

Cast on 5 stitches

(Right Side) K1, (place marker to mark right side) yo, k1, yo (place marker), k1(<- your center stitch) (place marker), yo, k1, yo, k1

Go to step 2 of the pattern below.

Pattern Section Notes

If you need to see an overall idea of how the pattern works. I divide up the yarn over groups into 5 sections:

  • the first yo that is an increase on every odd pattern row
  • the yo + K2tog (repeat) that make the lace pattern up to the center on the lace rows
  • The center yo, k1 yo for the lace line up the center
  • the yo, then k2tog + yo (repeat) that make the lace pattern after the center on the lace rows
  • the last yo that is an increase on every odd pattern row

So I grouped them in parenthesis for easy identification.

You’ll recognize increase rows because of the stitch marker that is just past the first stitch on your needle.

The Pattern Rows

  1. (Lace + increase row, RS) (K1, move marker, yo, k1), (yo, k2tog – repeat to marker), (yo, (move marker) K1, (move marker) yo), (k2tog, yo – repeat until you get to the last 2 stitches), (K1, yo, k1)
  2. (WS) Knit across
  3. (RS, Increase row) (K1, move marker, yo, k1) , knit to marker, (yo, (move marker) K1, (move marker) yo), knit to last 2 stitches, (k1, yo, k1)
    (WS) Knit across

Repeat rows #3 and #4 – three more times. (for a total of 10 rows in the pattern).

Bind off as you see fit when you find there won’t be enough yarn for another 10 row pattern.

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