Having Fun Making Nalbinding Needles

Hubby and I have been having a blast working together to make nalbinding needles.  (Hubby does most of the work, I help with sanding and polishing and quality assurance.)  We really enjoy working together on this.  It’s the first hobby that we’ve had in common in a while.

These were from the first order of dymondwood for our test.  We just ordered more (and a new band saw blade) and can’t wait to get started on the new wood!

I’ve been working with a few others (below) in my nalbinding projects from this batch and I love how smooth they are and how they feel in my hands.  
Dymondwood Nalbinding Needle
We also have been making sure the eye is long – so I can stack many layers of thick yarn for my work.  
While I’d love to keep every single one of them, we plan on taking them up to North Country Fiber Fair to see if anyone would like some pretty needles.
(And hubby just handed me an even shinier one…I can’t keep up with him, help him AND take pictures! *wink*)

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